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Comcast Cable Communications is doing business as Xfinity. It is a telecommunication company based in America and is a part of Comcast Corporation. The business is basically based on consumer cable television, telephone, internet, and various wireless services provided by the company. The brand Xfinity was introduced in the year 2010 and before that, it was under the name of Comcast. The CEO of the company is Dave Watson and its Chairman is Brian Roberts and the CFO of the company is Katherine Avigiris. Xfinity is a profitable company as it has earned a profit of 23.7 billion dollars in the year 2007 and increased it to 50.4 billion dollars in the year in 2016.

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Internet Services

 Xfinity is the largest producer of cable internet access when it comes to the United States. There are 26.5 million high-speed internet customers. Further, the company operates Wi-Fi hotspots popularly known as Xfinity wi-fi where there are wi-fi services in public locations, businesses, and so on. Though Xfinity has been criticized for it being responsible for abusing customer resources and also a breach of security because of the use of wi-fi by the customers in the public spots.

Mobile Services

When you talk about Xfinity mobile services there are both pre-paid as well as monthly unlimited plans. The service is exclusively for Xfinity internet subscribers. Further, there is access to Xfinity Wi-fi hotspots in order to control bandwidth caps. There is also an establishment of mobile television services and so on. Xfinity plays a great role in billing issues and payments, customer services, if there is an issue with the internet, upgrading the service which you are availing, arranging repair calls and technical services will be provided to you and all your questions will be answered.

Cable Television

During the year 2007, Xfinity cable television customers peaked. In the year 2012 launched hardware as well as a software platform for television services in the city of Boston. It had wide support for internet content, video streaming apps, and remote control voice recognition.

Landline Telephone Services

In the year 2005 Xfinity telephone service was launched in the selected markets of the United States of America. In the year 2009, Xfinity received 7.6 million voice customers. Xfinity voice allows communication over the internet using but a private network is used instead of a public address. This allows to prioritize the voice data during heavy traffic.

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